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Ohio Wildlife Rehabilitators Association



OWRA encourages people who are interested in becoming involved in wildlife rehabilitation to join local, state, and national wildlife rehabilitation organizations.  Members of these organizations benefit from annual conferences, educational opportunities, hands-on training, resources, and networking tools.

OWRA member benefits are designed to help rehabilitators with varied needs and resources.  If you are interested in becoming involved in wildlife rehabilitation in Ohio or surrounding states, please consider joining OWRA. Members receive our informative member newsletter, The Ohio Rehabilitator, member discounts for the annual conference and workshops, and the OWRA Membership Directory which provides member contact information to encourage networking and support when you need it. 

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Volunteers are always needed in wildlife rehabilitation. To become involved, contact a local wildlife rehabilitator and ask about volunteering. This will give first-hand experience and understanding of what is involved in wildlife rehabilitation. There are many rewards in wildlife rehabilitation: helping animals, relieving suffering, working with wonderful people, reconnecting with nature, and of course, releasing animals back into the wild. Wildlife rehabilitation is filled with many rewards as well as many heartaches.

Volunteer opportunities in wildlife rehabilitation vary considerably. Animal care is the most recognized aspect of wildlife rehabilitation and may involve feeding, cage cleaning, emergency stabilization, providing treatments, or transporting injured wild animals. Other types of volunteer opportunities are essential for organizations and include presenting educational programs, maintaining databases, newsletter, fundraising, etc. An often overlooked, but the most important volunteer opportunity is helping with wildlife hotline calls. The chance to talk with concerned persons who have questions and concerns about wildlife is the most valuable educational tool in wildlife rehabilitation.

Let us help you connect with a wildlife rehabilitator in your community that is in search of volunteers.  Contact us today at

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