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Ohio Wildlife Rehabilitators Association




The 8-hour IWR class covers wildlife rehabilitation regulations in Ohio, handling wildlife calls, neonatal care of orphaned wildlife, zoonotic diseases, stabilization, and transportation of Category 1 species (tree squirrels, ground squirrels, and Eastern Cottontail Rabbits). This class, or an equivalent, is required by the Ohio Division of Wildlife to apply for a Category 1 Rehabilitation Permit. Workshop fees cover the cost of the class, the manual, and lunch unless otherwise noted.

For workshop policies and cancelations check HERE.

***Completion of the IWR Training ONLY fulfills the ODOW requirement for a permit application, it alone, does not allow for legal wildlife rehabilitation in Ohio.***

State and Federal Regulations


Rabbit: Greg Bendig

There are no more regularly scheduled IWR workshops for 2022. To attend the 2022 pre-conference IWR workshop and to learn more about other workshops offered during the 29th Annual OWRA Conference, click HERE.

Topics covered in the Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation Manual:

  • Wildlife Rehabilitation (overview)
  • Regulations - Category I
  • The Reality of Wildlife Rehabilitation
  • Answering Wildlife Calls
  • Basic Hygiene and Prevention of Disease
    • Disease Transmission and Prevention
    • Zoonotic Diseases
  • Safety and Transport
    • Working with Wild Animals
    • Evaluation in the Field
    • Transport Recommendations
  • Intake, Evaluation, and Treatment
    • Intake
    • Initial Assessment
    • Common Medical Conditions
  • Rehabilitation of Category 1 Mammals
    • Basic Care of Orphans
    • Feeding Guidelines
    • Release Site
    • Tree Squirrels (gray, fox, red, and flying)
    • Ground Squirrels (thirteen-lined, chipmunks, and woodchucks)
    • Eastern Cottontail Rabbits
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