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Ohio Wildlife Rehabilitators Association


OWRA is a non-profit organization and has members from a wide range of backgrounds. OWRA provides training, networking, and referral information to wildlife rehabilitators so they can better assist the public when injured, orphaned, or diseased wildlife are encountered. Member benefits include the quarterly newsletter, The Ohio Wildlife Rehabilitator, an online membership director, access to the members only section of our website, and discounted rates for OWRA sponsored trainings.

OWRA's Mission: Promote wildlife conservation by providing resources to wildlife rehabilitators, educators, and the community.

The Ohio Community Wildlife Cooperative Conference

Is your community dealing with wildlife issues? If so, this conference is designed for you.

Join Ohio community leaders and planners on November 3rd at the Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center for a conference focused on the role of local government in managing human-wildlife conflict. This year’s topics include a wildlife rehabilitation symposium and presentations on burrowing mammals, wildlife disease impacts in urban areas, avian influenza, and managing forests in communities. You can learn more about the event by visiting the conference website!

Registration deadline is Oct. 27th – Register here.

Find a Wildlife Rehabilitator

Wild animals have specific needs that must be provided for proper development.

If you have found an orphaned or injured wild animal, please keep it warm, dark, and quiet until further assistance is given by a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

Warmth can be the single most important thing provided to a young animal and may save its life. Reducing stress by keeping it in a dark, quiet area until it is transferred to a rehabilitator can be just as life saving.

The 29th Annual OWRA Conference is here!!

Registration is Open!


The 2022 OWRA conference will feature many knowledgeable speakers covering topics like neonate cottontail care, weasels, raising money through fundraising, and so much more! Make sure to reserve your spot at the annual conference so you don't miss out. 


The 2022 conference will feature delicious meals, captivating keynote speakers, phenomenal raffle prizes, and more! Make sure to download the Conference Brochure to learn all about what we have in store for you for the 29th Annual OWRA Conference.


Speaking of opportunities to learn, this year's pre-conference workshops include classics like the IWR and RVS classes as well as fun, new opportunities to learn about nutrition, animal behavior, and more! Spaces are limited so make sure to reserve your spot early!

And while you're getting geared up to learn, don't forget to book your hotel! OWRA discounted rates will only be available until October 13th. Learn more about the hotel, price, and how to reserve your room HERE.

For more conference information, click HERE.


Join us on Friday the 4th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm for our annual conference icebreaker! And that's not all, you'll also get a chance to win some amazing, ugly art!

Have you been on the receiving end of a wildlife-themed gift that was not your style? Inherited any less-than-lovely wildlife framed picture or "sculpture"? Do you have friends or family members who just love to buy you anything wildlife-related at yard sales and Goodwill?

We all have those items lurking in the back of our closets, just looking to provide someone enjoyment or at least a good laugh! Bring these unloved items and find them a new home! All items start at just $.25!

All proceeds will go toward the 2023 Conference Ice breaker.

The OWRA needs YOU!

That's, right, YOU!! Nominations and applications for the Ohio Wildlife Rehabilitators Association Board of Trustees are now being accepted. All applications must be submitted by October 31st.

There are three positions to be filled. OWRA board of trustees is a state-wide representation of individuals deeply committed to native wildlife, wildlife rehabilitation, and education.

Wondering what we're looking for in a board member? Wonder no more!

  1. An understanding of the fiduciary responsibility of a board member; maintaining people’s trust and confidence when required, thoughtful andAmerican robin impartial decision-making, fiscal responsibility and administrative oversight of projects.
  2. Board members whose terms are expiring are also eligible to be nominated and run again.
  3. All applications will be reviewed and approved by the nominating committee. After the nominating committee agrees upon a slate of candidates, the names of the candidates and their qualifications will be reviewed by the board. The slate of candidates will then be presented to the OWRA membership at the annual Member’s Meeting held during the Saturday lunch at the annual November OWRA Conference.
  4. Persons who have questions or who wish to request and complete a nomination application should email president@owra.org. The deadline for nominations is October 31.
  5. Forms from last year are void and would need to be resubmitted if those individuals are still interested in obtaining a position on the Board of Trustees.
  6. Attendance at all board meetings unless the absence is excused by the rest of the board.
  7. A willingness to commit significant amounts of time.
  8. Acceptance and completion of defined responsibilities – officer position, committee chairs, major projects.

If you're interested in helping us continue our mission for wildlife, hit the button below to download an application today.



All are welcome to join!

OWRA is a statewide group of individuals and organizations dedicated to furthering the goals of wildlife rehabilitation and public education in Ohio.

Member Benefits include:

  • Our electronic newsletter, The Ohio Rehabilitator
  • Ohio Division of Wildlife's directory of Licensed Ohio Wildlife Rehabilitators
  • Animal placement list for program animals
  • Opportunity to participate in workshops and trainings
  • Discounted rates for annual conferences and workshops
  • Grant opportunities for educational training, conferences, and workshops
  • Notification and information on regulatory and health issues

Thanks for your support! Click the button below to renew or join now.


A Mentorship Program through the Ohio Wildlife Rehabilitators Association

In an effort to support and encourage new individuals to the field of wildlife rehabilitation, OWRA has launched Reach & Teach. This mentorship program is designed to offer assistance to members who have completed OWRA's introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation training. OWRA is inviting member facilities and individuals permitted through the Ohio Division of Wildlife to reach out and teach new rehabilitators through methods such as on-premise volunteering, facility tours to share ideas, and/or phone availability to offer device. CONTACT us today to help you start building community connections!

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