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Ohio Wildlife Rehabilitators Association


OWRA is a non-profit organization and has members from a wide range of backgrounds. OWRA provides training, networking, and referral information to wildlife rehabilitators so they can better assist the public when injured, orphaned, or diseased wildlife are encountered. Member benefits include the quarterly newsletter, The Ohio Wildlife Rehabilitator, an online membership director, access to the members only section of our website, and discounted rates for OWRA sponsored trainings.

OWRA's Mission: Promote wildlife conservation by providing resources to wildlife rehabilitators, educators, and the community.

Find a Wildlife Rehabilitator

Wild animals have specific needs that must be provided for proper development.

If you have found an orphaned or injured wild animal, please keep it warm, dark, and quiet until further assistance is given by a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

Warmth can be the single most important thing provided to a young animal and may save its life. Reducing stress by keeping it in a dark, quiet area until it is transferred to a rehabilitator can be just as life saving.

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Join other wildlife enthusiasts to learn all about Ohio's wildlife on May 11th, 2022. For location, details, and registration, click the link below!




All are welcome to join!

OWRA is a statewide group of individuals and organizations dedicated to furthering the goals of wildlife rehabilitation and public education in Ohio.

Member Benefits include:

  • Our electronic newsletter, The Ohio Rehabilitator
  • Ohio Division of Wildlife's directory of Licensed Ohio Wildlife Rehabilitators
  • Animal placement list for program animals
  • Opportunity to participate in workshops and trainings
  • Discounted rates for annual conferences and workshops
  • Grant opportunities for educational training, conferences, and workshops
  • Notification and information on regulatory and health issues

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A Mentorship Program through the Ohio Wildlife Rehabilitators Association

In an effort to support and encourage new individuals to the field of wildlife rehabilitation, OWRA has launched Reach & Teach. This mentorship program is designed to offer assistance to members who have completed OWRA's introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation training. OWRA is inviting member facilities and individuals permitted through the Ohio Division of Wildlife to reach out and teach new rehabilitators through methods such as on-premise volunteering, facility tours to share ideas, and/or phone availability to offer device. CONTACT us today to help you start building community connections!

Concerns of COVID-19

We are all keeping one eye on news of the novel Coronavirus and preparing our facilities and associates to operate within a very fluid situation. As wildlife rehabilitators responding directly to the public, we are part of the front line. Our response will help shape how the public reacts. Coronavirus 101 for Wildlife Rehabilitators is a compilation of some of the current science and recommendations from multiple wildlife and animal source organizations such as OIE (World Organization for Animal Health), WSAVA's One Health and Scientific Committee, USDA Veterinary Services, AVMA, the CDC, WHO, and other key entities. 

Additional information on COVID-19, as well as other emerging diseases, can be found HERE

Our Emerging Diseases Committee will continue to monitor and update our website and membership as information becomes available.


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